ENC28J60 OVERLAYS HAT for Raspberry pi


For Pi Zero Generation, no NIC is inconvenient, because its core system is Linux, 
most of operations are based on Linux’s command line via ssh service, so a Network Adapter is required.
The Pi zero Enc28j60 is a simple Network Adapter module for Pi zero 
It is very easy to assemble and configure. 
It allows your Raspberry Pi zero to access the network smoothly, and it is easy to do system updates and software installation operations. 


Easy to assemble

Easy to setup

Official OS overlay support

Stable and fast

How to configure it

1. Install the NIC module into the raspberry Pi.

2. Connect the network cable to ensure that your router supports DHCP and works well.

3.Burn the Raspbian image to TF card.

4. Edit the /boot/config.txt file by your favorite editor such as “nano” or “vim.tiny”, and add the following parameter: 


Then save the exit and reboot the raspberry Pi.
NOTE The module is tested only in raspbian environments.

Working with Wio Terminal

This ENC28J60 pi Hat can also work with Wio Terminal, for more information please check wiki here.

Technical details

Dimensions65.5mm x30mm x23.5mm
WeightG.W 15g

Part List

Pi zero Enc28j60 Network Adapter Module1



Source: ENC28J60 OVERLAYS HAT for Raspberry pi

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