EsPiFF dev board in RasPi form factor with ESP32 & RP2040

Electronic enthusiasts, developers and hobbyists may be interested in a new development board featuring a Raspberry Pi form factor and ESP32 and RP2040. Designed for “extreme reliability and 24/7 applications” the EsPiFF development board can be used with existing Raspberry Pi HATS and enclosures and can be powered by the USB-C connector with up to 5V/3A, for power hungry HATs. Optional it can be powered with 24V, or from a PoE HAT if preferred.

The EsPiFF can be programmed with the Arduino IDE (both the ESP32 and the RP2040), or with the Pico SDK (RP2040), Espressif IDF (ESP32), uPython, JavaScript and many more. RTOS, Apache Nuttx and FreeRTOS are also supported.

“The Raspberry Pi offers a universe of software, HATs and enclosures, for many kind of projects. It is great for video, NAS, Routers, but not that great for high reliable 24/7 automation projects. The Pi lacks in features like external watchdogs, battery or super cap buffered real time clock, an base on SD card for OS and storage what is known to fail.”

EsPiFF dev board

“For applications, where the processing power and/or Linux is not needed, as in many home or industrial automation project, but stability is key: we designed the EsPiFF. An ESP32 with 16 MB Flash, 8 MB PSRAM, supervision, external super cap buffered real time clock, external watchdog, 8 MBit high end ISSI flash, footprint for up to 512 MBit ISSI flash, wired Ethernet plus Wifi, and:”

“The EsPiFF was from ground up designed to be use with metal enclosures, what would render a PCB antenna useless. So we settled on an external antenna with an uFL connector.”

Source: EsPiFF dev board in RasPi form factor with ESP32 & RP2040

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