Analog Devices’ EVAL-ADSMOKEKITZ smoke evaluation kit enables designers to get smoke detection solutions quickly

ADI’s EVAL-ADSMOKEKITZ is an out of the box smoke evaluation kit for high accuracy, integrated, smoke detection monitoring. It provides users with all the necessary components to get up and running quickly with designing their custom smoke detection products, including the WaveTool graphical user interface (GUI). This GUI enables designers to drive smoke detection solutions to market quickly and unlock complex technology to those who are less experienced smoke designers.

Kit Includes

  • EVAL-ADPD188BIZ-S2: A complete integrated optical module with matching smoke chamber to support industry global regulations including UL217 ed 8. and UL 268 Ed. 7. It features a reduced footprint, lower power consumption, and increased safety.
  • EVAL-CHAMBER: ADI designed matched smoke chamber comes with a reference design so users can create a more positive smoke detection device with greater verification results, straight out of the box. This enables designers that do not have technical expertise in the area of smoke design or the time to create and test their custom smoke chamber.
  • EVAL-ADPDUCZ: Microcontroller board used to support the ADI EVAL-ADPD188BIZ-S2.


  • Supports UL-217 edition 8/ UL-568 ed. 7, EN-54 GB and ISO standards
  • Increased safety; reduced nuisance alarms using a dual-wavelength detection
  • Greater power performance/efficiency – 3x lower power dissipation, enabling smaller low-cost batteries
  • Integrated optical module: optimized form factor (3.8 mm x 5 mm x 0.9 mm with 1 blue LED, 1 IR LED, and 2 photodiodes)
  • Greater industrial design options, 75% fewer discrete components
  • Reduces calibration challenges – loop calibration at the final test
  • EVAL-CHAMBER smoke chamber
    • Optimized to work with ADPD188BI
    • Passes UL217 nuisance test
    • Enables easy-to-implement self-diagnostics


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