Farnell’s RIoTboard gets Raspberry Pi adaptor

An adaptor for the RIoTboard development platform from Farnell element14 is designed to significantly expand the board’s interface capability.

Farnell’s RIoTboard gets Raspberry Pi adaptorThe adapter allows the board to interface with Arduino shields, MikroE Clicks, Pmods and Raspberry Pi accessories.

The distributor is also offering a number of add on boards are also available for prototyping including the WIFI dongle which connects via USB.

There is also the LCD8000-43T-EX1 display which offers a resistive touchscreen display with 480 x 272 resolution and connects through the on board LCD interface.

Other accessories include Bluetooth, ADC, Sensor, and Thermocouple add-on boards.

The RIoTboard Adapter will be priced at £8.87.

For more detail : Farnell’s RIoTboard gets Raspberry Pi adaptor

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