Fast Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W review

Six years ago this processor appeared as a USB device. Two years later added wireless communication, and four years ago – soldered connectors. Today it’s a quad-core single-board computer with great prospects. Let’s see if it’s worth $15.

Where to apply

Raspberry Pi Zero already serves as an onboard computer on a mini-satellite, helps to write letters, pour drinks, and translate dogs barking. Who knows, perhaps in the near future, when you go to to rent a car in Dubai, you will not be dealing with people, but with robots. The renting service will probably be low-priced and more convenient. Also you will be able to hire such cars as Lamborghini, Porsche, or Mitsubishi even faster. But even now, rental companies are very much in demand and offer a large selection of cars.
Pi Zero 2 is also used for home automation systems, domains, Bluetooth speakers, and CCTV cameras.

What’s Different from Pi Zero

The 2 W model is more productive than its predecessor. According to the creators, the novelty is almost 5 times stronger than the previous model. In addition, it is equipped with additional wireless communication modules. Because of this, it is more overpriced.

The company Raspberry Pi does not plan to remove previous models from production. The developers believe that Zero 2 W harmoniously fits into the line.
It is also worth considering that Zero 2 is heavier than its predecessor, as it has thick copper layers to dissipate heat from the processor. It’s a small price to pay for its capacity.

Technical features

The heart of the novelty is the Broadcom BCM2710A1 system, as well as the Raspberry Pi 3. However, in a new mini-computer, the frequency of four 64-bit cores based on ARM Cortex-A53 is reduced to 1 GHz. It is equipped with 512 MB of RAM. Thanks to this, it is ready for heavy workloads.
As for the elements of input and output, a new device has a MicroSD card slot, one USB port (for the keyboard, screen and mouse), camera connector CSI-2, size for 40-pin GPIO connector, and mini HDMI.
Manufacturers have solved the overheating problem with a thick copper-based interface that provides high-quality heat.
The network capabilities of the board provide support for Wi-Fi, not bad Bluetooth 4.2. The miniature dimensions remained the same – 65 mm x 30 mm.
Uses VideoCore IV graphics processor for 3D graphics processing and video encoding and decoding up to 1080p.
In addition
Another interesting feature of this mini-computer is the new 2W power supply with a USB micro-B connector. This adapter needs to be purchased separately and it costs about 8 dollars. It is possible to choose the type of plug you need.
In addition, various cables and adapters are also available.
Also, you can buy covers, three covers for different framing:
1. Completely closes the computer.
2. With a slot to access the GPIO connector.
3. With a mount and a hole for the camera lens.

What in practice

Pi Zero 2 can be used as a desktop computer. The speed of work is slightly slowed if you run several processes simultaneously. Possible cursor tremors and window tremors. You can’t expect to play modern games, but Quest for Glory works pretty well with the program ScummVM. It’s also possible to watch DVD-quality videos, but additional codecs may need to be installed.
When you buy RPi, you have to remember that you buy a single-board computer, not a full-fledged computer. Most likely, you will need to buy additional components. For example, if you use a camera for video surveillance, a basic video camera for it will cost $10, and a better camera – about $85. To monitor humidity and temperature, be prepared to give for a sensor from 3 dollars.

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