Fast RFID reader for Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects

Serial entrepreneur Patrick Thomas Mitchell has once again taken to Kickstarter to launch his 33rd campaign allowing electronic enthusiasts to back a small yet fast RFID reader. The card reader can be used two further enhance both Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects and is now available from just C$21 or roughly £13 with worldwide delivery expected to take place during November 2019.

RFID reader features :

– The red and green indicator LEDs: These LEDs are used as a visual indicator in both program mode, and scanning mode. The red LED will flash when a non-programmed card is read, and the green LED will flash when a correct card is read. In program mode, when the fifth card is programmed, the green LED will turn on and stay on until power down.

– The 3v regulator: This set requires 5v as a power supply. The MFRC522 requires a regulated 3.3v power supply, which is provided on the board, so that you don’t have to worry about it!

– MFRC522 connection header: This is where the MFRC522 RFID reader connects to the main board.

– Program select header: Currently, only header#1 is being used in the program. When header#1 is set to “B”, you will power up in program mode. When you power up with header#1 set to “A”, you’ll power up in scanning mode. Use header#2 for your own programs! Use it as you see fit!

– Male USB connect & Output connector header: These two connectors serve two purposes. The first is to apply a 5v power supply and DC ground to power the board. The two data lines (D+/D-) are the output lines that are used to send basic card data to your programmable medium.

“The FTDI header on the bottom of the board can be accessed with ease, which means that you can easily mess with the code as you see fit. You can connect your Arduino to the FTDI lines for quick programming, or you can remove the on-board ATMEGA328-PU chip and insert it into your Arduino UNO directly as another method of quick programming. However, you do not need to modify the code if you don’t want to. That is completely up to you! The program that is shown in the above Kickstarter video will come programmed into all FAST RFID module rewards! This means that you can start having fun as soon as you receive your reward!”

Source: Fast RFID reader for Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects

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