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Raspberry Pi is a miniature computer that can be programmed to operate other devices and interact with sensors to deliver information. The Raspberry Pi v3 runs a fully functional operating system called Raspian and has built in USB and HDMI ports to connect with monitors and other devices. The Raspberry Pi v3 dev kits available at the Hackerspace are a great way for people looking to explore programmable tech to get their feet wet. They are simple and user friendly with great starter resources and can be used for many practical purposes. In fact, many of the digital displays on campus use RPi to power their cycles.

Stop by the Hackerspace to see some examples of projects our workers are creating with Raspberry Pi or get your hands on one of our Raspberry Pi v3 development kits and make something of your own!

Below are some sample projects you can see at the Hackerspace:

1) Smart TV

By taking a run-of-the-mill tv and attaching a Raspberry Pi, David has connected the tv to the internet. This allows the tv to stream shows from online without needing any cable connection. You can also download various apps to the smart tv build.

2) NES Emulator

Play all of your favorite Nintendo Entertainment System games on an emulator running with Raspberry Pi. The  emulator and game files are all housed on the device and then connected to a tv or monitor to play. You can create your own custom controls and link any type of controller you want to use. Get creative and add non-traditional game controllers such as a DDR dance pad to play old-school Mario.

3) Node Red

You don’t have to be an expert in programming to make something. Jiwon demonstrates how you can use a graphical interface to make simple programs. Like pieces to a puzzle, fit things the way you want them to work and you have your very own functional code.

For other great ideas and simple projects to get started, check out this list!

Source: Featured Technology: Raspberry Pi

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