FTDI makes USB connection for Raspberry Pi

Future Technology Devices International (FTDI) has introduced USB interface modules which are aimed at the Raspberry Pi (RPi) computing platform.

The Raspberry Pi embedded computing platform is inexpensive enough to be used in schools and colleges, but powerful enough with its 700MHz ARM-based processor running Linux to be used be used by professional designers too.

FTDI makes USB connection for Raspberry PiAs a result USB interface support is an important element of the hardware design.

“The RPi concept has huge potential to nurture aspiring young engineers. Supporting it with a highly optimised debug solution is a vital part of achieving that goal,” said Fred Dart, CEO and founder of FTDI.

The two FTDI modules are the TTL-232R-RPi is a USB-to-TTL Serial UART debug cablie with the FT232RQ interface IC and the RPi USB Hub Module, which is designed to connect to an RPi unit and expand the number of interfaces that can be accessed downstream from a host.

“The TTL-232R-RPi enables a fast, simple way to connect with an RPi and examine what is going on when it runs a newly constructed program. Furthermore, the USB Hub Module gives a greater degree of flexibility to RPi based system designs,” said Dart.

The debug cable, which connects directly to the serial port, will allow laptop/desktop PCs to interface with the RPi board for application software development.

This port will output kernel debug messages to be acquired by the PC.The FT232RQ USB-to-Serial UART interface IC within the TTL-232R-RPi cableprovides a USB to asynchronous serial data transfer path capable of supporting data rates from 300bits/s to 3Mbits/s at 3.3 V TTL levels.

The chip handles all the USB signalling and protocol requirements.

Based on an USB-to-UART/MPSSE IC and GL850G USB hub controller IC, the RPi USB Hub module provides up to 4 downstream USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (480Mbit/s)ports.

Asynchronous serial data transfer rates from 300bits/s to 12Mbits/s at 3.3 V TTL levels are supported, while synchronous serial data rates of up to 30Mbits/s can be dealt with on JTAG, SPI and I2C interfaces. The module has dimensions of 33.45 mm x 65 mm.


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