Getting Started with Arty

Getting Started with ArtyDigilent recently released a new FPGA development board. The Arty board. The Arty is designed to be used exclusively with Xilinx Vivado, and designed specifically for use with microblaze.

This tutorial covers how to use the out of he box design that ships loaded into Arty’s Quad-SPI Flash, with I/O and UART.

To view the reference material and other demo projects for Arty, go to the Arty resource center.

For this Tutorial you will need:


USB A to USB B micro cable

TeraTerm Software installed

Xilinx Vivado (The free Webpack will work) installed and licensedUsing the USB A to USB B micro, plug the Arty into your computer. Make sure the jumper between the ethernet and female barrel jack connector is configured for USB power.

Right now you probably see gibberish in the TerraTerm window.

Press any button, and then press button 3 to get to the menu. From this point on anytime you want to get to the menu shown in this image, you press button 3.

As you can see in the menu, this demo features three modes; PWM, Cylon, and scrolling LEDS.

I will go through each with what is shown from the serial port and on the board.With all the switches off, you should see a PWM value of 0. The switches define the duty cycle of the PWM signal being sent to the LEDs. No switches on translates to, no illumination on the LEDS.

If you change the switches you can change the PWM, and brightness of the LEDS.

If SW0 is on the PWM is 10000, and you can see dimly lit LEDS.

If SW0 and SW2 are on the PWM is 20000, and you can see brighter lit LEDS.

For more detail: Getting Started with Arty

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