Getting Temp, Humidity Information with Android Things

Basically, the project will transfer data with DHT11 over wireless through NodeMCU. This transfer will be done by using an AndroidThings as a gateway and light a led by a rule we set.


  • NodeMCU will be Wi-Fi Access Point; start transmitting your IP and port number to network.
  • Save device to system on AP mode, and establish wireless connection.
  • Once the client connection is set; read the frequency of temperature and humidity transmission, and start transmitting the data to client in this frequency.
  • Re-connect to network if connection is lost, end client connection and wait for the re-connection.
  • Execute when LED event happened.
  • Set rule and connect IFTTT connection, use your data for channels.


1 Devzone Register and Application Download

· Register and login free developer account at ,

· Download AndroidThings agent,

2 Getting Ready for Android as IoT Gateway

· Download AndroidThings from this link,

· Download and setup win32 disk imager application,

· Flash the SD Card with Android Things Image, you will need the following this link,

3 AndroidThings Configuration – ADB Connect, IoT Agent Installation

· Boot gateway with Android Things and connect Ethernet,

· Run PowerShell and connect Android Things with ADB console,

· Download and install Android Things agent with ADB console command,

4 AndroidThings Configuration – Wi-Fi (DROM) Connect, IoT Agent Installation

DROM is a recently developed ARDIC Technology that enables the device’s mac ID to be matched remotely on the cloud. DROM establishes connection with the tenant and completes the registration process automatically.

· Enter with your devzone credentials,

· Follow; Administration > DROM > DROM Configuration > Add DROM Configuration step,

· Type a new DROM configuration name and click save button,

· Follow; Administration > DROM > DROM Gateway Configuration > Add DROM Configuration step, type Raspberry MAC ID (Example FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:[email protected]) , click add button,

· Click the push button and registration will done.

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