Hacking a LAMPAN Ikea lamp

UPDATE: This project appears on Hackaday’ Blog. For me it’s an honor, I only can say tanks!!!

This project starts a few weeks ago. My six years old daughter usually sleeps with a light on in her bedroom. Talking with her, we decide to hack her LAMPAN Ikea lamp to make some improvements, including a manual RGB controller to set the light colour, a timeout to turn off the light after 30 minutes without changes and a bluetooth connection to control the lamp with a smartphone or tablet. So, if you continue reading  the post, you’ll see what we develop!

Hacking a LAMPAN Ikea lamp

The aim of this project, besides my own entertainment, is to have a lamp with the following features:

  1. First, and obviously, maintain the connection for a light bulb, for the times that she wants to read before sleep.
  2. Set manually the colour of the lamp on a easy way. This includes turn on the light bulb, change the colour or turn off the lamp.
  3. Also, the colour can vary from a device with a bluetooth connection, such a mobile phone or tablet.
  4. Set a timeout to turn off automatically the lamp.

To develop this project, I use elements I’ve at home, so many of them are oversized (specially the SSR and the microcontroller). It’s possible design something similar on a more optimized way.


For more detail: Hacking a LAMPAN Ikea lamp

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