Home Automation using Raspberry Pi 2 and Windows 10 IoT

About this project

In today’s era, technology can enhance human life. Technology is evolving decade by decade. Automation was a science fiction earlier but not today. By combining latest technology with home, we can build an awesome home. With the Raspberry Pi and Windows 10, we can build a home automation system that is capable of operating home devices automatically.

Getting Started

Before starting the project, lets understand basics first. Consider the following image (Overall Configuration)

A Raspberry Pi 2 will serve as a master device. For each room, want to automate, an Arduino UNO is needed. Arduino UNO will act as a secondary controller, which takes command from the Raspberry Pi 2 and operates specific device. Here, Raspberry Pi 2 and all Arduino UNOs are connected together on a I2C bus. All Arduino UNOs act as slaves. Each Arduino UNO have unique I2C slave address on the bus. You can add /remove Arduino UNOs(rooms) that is explained later in this project.

home automation using raspberry pi 2 and windows 10 iot
Overall Configuration

Configuration for Room

Now considering room scenario, an Arduino UNO will control devices and reads sensor data. Periodically, Raspberry Pi requests for the sensor data collected by Arduino UNO. The figure “Room Architecture” depicts how the Arduino UNO will connects with the devices and sensors. Each room have multiple controllable devices(i.e. Light(s), Fan, Wall Socket(s), etc.), one PassiveIR (to detect human presence in the room), one temperature sensor (LM35 to collect room temperature) and LDR (to detect light intensity near room window).

schematic home automation using raspberry pi 2 and windows 10 iot
Room Scenario

Device Address Mapping

The most important part is how we will identify devices? Its simple. We will make device address by combining room number with device number.

For example:

Room Number 1 having three devices.
Device address will be:

  • R1\Dev0
  • R1\Dev1
  • R1\Dev2

For more detail: Home Automation using Raspberry Pi 2 and Windows 10 IoT

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