House published a tutorial to install a node of Bitcoin step by step

The House project published the step by step instructions to install a node of Bitcoin, using the software that provides the company.In a publication, Jameson Lopp, known bitcoiner and CTO of Home, explained how to install the node Bitcoin and Lightning Network.

Earlier this year, the House announced that it couldn’t continue the manufacture and sale of hardware to focus on Keymaster Bitcoin, a tool for safe management of multiple keys in a single place.Although we need to pay close attention to the instructions, assembling a node of Bitcoin with House it is relatively simple, as there are numerous diagrams and explanatory videos about it. The budget base to assemble the node is USD 300, with which must be purchased a computer compact, a USB keyboard, a monitor with HDMI input, a router signal, and a precision screwdriver.Components necessary to put together a node of Bitcoin. Image; blog.keys.casaEntre the components required, specify a computer compact Raspberry Pi 4, a cooling fan or fan shim, a microSD card plus the USB adapter for cards of this type, an Ethernet cable and an adapter MicroHDMI. You will need a power adapter and a SSD hard disk, in addition to the structure or housing provided by Cryptocloaks or Geekworm.A node, such as the one developed by House, allows you to make and receive payments in the core network of Bitcoin and the network Lightning Network. In the case of the Home Node, with the string of blocks of Bitcoin prefilled, which expedites the synchronization of the device with the network.In the following video we show you step-by-step integration of the components of the node:
Some of the products linked to Amazon because they are exhausted, possibly by this new offering, but the release of this instruction sheet could fall of wonder to all those users and fans of Bitcoin as a large part of the world are quarantined by reason of the Covid-19.In the past few months, it was announced that the source code of the House would be available to the public, along with the launch of a rewards program by detecting errors. The code has a license from the MIT and allows more experienced users to create their own versions of the program, although at the time the company said that you don’t intend to include these versions of open source as official releases of the organization.

Source: House published a tutorial to install a node of Bitcoin step by step

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