How to Send a Temperature Emergency SMS Using Tracking Kit (GPRS + GPS)

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This tutorial allows the user to measure the temperature of an object. When the temperature is 0ºC or less, a text message is sent to a mobile phone in which the temperature and the position (laltitude and longitude) of the module is indicated.


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How to Send a Temperature Emergency SMS Using Tracking Kit (GPRS + GPS)Tracking Kit (GPRS + GPS)

    • 1x Platform
    • 1x GPRS+GPS Quadband Module (SIM908)
    • 1x GPRS antenna
    • 1x GPS antenna
    • 1x Temperature sensor (MCP9700A)
    • 1x Breadboard
    • 1x External power supply
    • 1x Programming cable
    • Jumper Wires

Preparation Time: 30 minutes

NOTE: Depending on the platform chosen to develop the project, the ingredients and the schematics shown in this tutorial can vary.
This project can be developed with Arduino or Intel Galileo. It is also compatible with Raspberry Pi using the Raspberry Pi to Arduino shields connection bridge.

For further information about the GPRS+GPS (SIM908) Shield, consult the main tutorial.

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Connect the GPRS and GPS antenna to the shield and then, connect the shield to the Arduino or to Raspberry Pi connection bridge. Connect temperature sensor in the breadboard as you can see in the next diagram.

Connect two wires, red and black, to the two long rows on the side of the breadboard to provide access to the VCC supply (5V in Arduino and 3.3V in Raspberry Pi) and ground. Place the sensor with the flat part looking up like the diagram. Connect the left leg of the sensor to GND and the right to VCC. Connect the central leg to the first pin at bottom left of the shield (Analog 0).

WARNING: In Raspberry Pi, GPIO voltage levels are 3.3 V and are not 5 V tolerant. There is no over-voltage protection on the board. Digital inputs use a 3V3 logic level and are not tolerant of 5V levels, such as you might find on a 5V powered Arduino. Extreme caution when working with GPIO, you may damage your Raspberry Pi, your equipment and potentially yourself and others. Doing so is at your own risk!

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Raspberry Pi:


Intel Galileo:

How to Send a Temperature Emergency SMS Using Tracking Kit (GPRS + GPS) schematic

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