Image Pi – Basic image processing

Image Pi – Basic image processing

Welcome to Image Pi – A basic image processing course by Edward Jones.

This set of tutorials aims to be an introduction to image processing using the RaspberryPi. The tutorials are aimed at ages 15 and up and assume the reader has basic knowledge of programming. Examples will be given in the Python and C programming languages but I will hopefully describe the algorithms in a language independent way.

The first tutorial in this course will act as a quick introduction to image processing, and it will guide you through the setup of the Raspberry Pi and the Python and C programming environments. Subsequent tutorials will introduce basic ideas and algorithms behind image processing, providing code for examples implementations which you can play and experiment with.

0 Requirements

The main requirement of this course is to have a ready Raspberry Pi, along with power supply, SD card with Raspbian image on, keyboard, mouse and webcam. You will need your RaspberryPi to be connected to the Internet in order to download the libraries and resources needed by these tutorials. You can get away without using a webcam, using static images instead, however for now you will need to source the images yourself (They need to be in bitmap (.bmp) format for you to be able to load them with the library).

1 Tutorials

Table 1.1 – Tutorials
Name Descrption
0 Introduction and Setup An introduction to some of the ideas of image processing. Continues on to describe how to set up the Raspberry Pi and the Python and C programming environments for running and experimenting with the examples
1 The Basics Goes through the most basic of examples using the library to programmatically read and change the values of individual pixels.
2 Filtering Colours Describes an algorithm to filter out a small range of colours from an image.
3 Edge Detection Introduces Edge detection using the Sobel Operator to find edges of intensity in an image.

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