Intelligent Multi-Conference Room using UWP App and Azure


The Intelligent Conference Room project uses Wi-Fi to broadcast whether a room is occupied or not as well as it's temperature, pressure, altitude and light ambiance data every 10 seconds to cloud data channels. The data can be seen on Windows10 UWP app, iOS and Android app. You can view some prettier graphs of the data on Power BI as well. This architecture can be applied to solve various customer issues or come up with new products in the age of iSMAC.intelligent multi conference room using uwp app and azure

I frequently visit IT corporates in helping them transition to mobile/cloud and IoT technologies. Whenever we try to reserve a room for white board sessions, we see most of rooms are booked. But when we physically go to the conference rooms, we see that some of the conference rooms are not occupied. So I thought it would a nice project for using power of Azure and I immediately started thinking how it might be done. We will walk through the architecture further in this blog.

This post is way beyond developing simple applications that run on IoT as we are expanding this concept to large-scale enterprise product development. I was trying to architect an enterprise product leveraging the power of Azure for IoT, Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud (#iSMAC).



Raspberry Pi2 Model B


PIR Motion Sensor

Adafruit BMP280 Barometric Pressure & Altitude Sensor

MCP3008 – 8-Channel 10-Bit ADC With SPI Interface

Photo resistor

Adafruit Breadboard trim potentiometer – 10K

10K Ohm Resistor

LED (generic)

Adafruit Female to Male Jumper Wires

Adafruit Male to Male Jumper Wires


Windows 10 PC

Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition or Enterprise Edition Update1

Windows 10 IoT Core

Azure Subscription

IoT Hub

Azure Storage Account

Stream Analytics

Power BI

Fritzing Image of the Projectschematic intelligent multi conference room using uwp app and azure

You can skip the step 1 and step 2, if you already set Up your PC and Raspberry Pi2.

Step 1: Set up Your PC

  • First you need a Windows 10 PC running the public release of Windows 10 (version 10.0.10586) or better.
  • Install Visual Studio Community 2015 or Visual Studio Professional 2015 or Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 with Update 1.
  • Install Windows IoT Core Project Templates from here.
  • Enable developer mode on your Windows 10 device by following

For more detail: Intelligent Multi-Conference Room using UWP App and Azure

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