Interesting Sensors To Add To Your Weather Station Project

A Weather station project is a project that gives you information about the weather in a particular area and is quite useful for a lot of things like planning of the day, farming and several others. A weather station project is one of those projects where you can have different types of sensors attached to it. In this post, I will highlight some interesting sensors that can be added to a weather station based project.

Interesting Sensors To Add To Your Weather Station Project


The DS18B20 is a temperature sensor and one of my favorite one. Unlike other temperature sensors, the DS18B20 is one wire type of sensor. It only requires one wire for communication and also supports parasite modes. Parasite mode means it doesn’t need a power supply, and it can get powered from the same data line. One of the features of the DS18B20 and other one-wire sensors is the fact that you connect multiple sensors to just one pin. I have connected about 32 of those sensors to one single digital pin on the Arduino Uno.


The DHT22 is quite a popular sensor among makers. It is a digital sensor that allows one to measure the temperature and humidity of the environment. Unlike the DS18B20, this one can give you both temperature and humidity. It is very handy for saving budget and resources.

Rain Drop Detector

This is great for detecting the presence of rainfall or even small water droplets. The sensors give both an analog and digital output which can be feed to your data acquisition device. The detection of rain can be used to take actions for other applications.

UV Sensor

The UV sensor fully called Ultraviolet light sensor is a sensor that can measure the UV index which can be useful for some applications. With this sensor, you can get interesting data regarding the amount of UV in the environment.

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