Introducing Node-RED

Node-RED is a visual programming interface for the Internet of things. It doesn’t require coding experience, making it easy to connect your physical things to the cloud.

Node-RED is based on Node.js. The Node-RED application runs as a web server, and you customize and manipulate functional “flows” from any computer’s browser, local or remote. The server application can run on an inexpensive device like the Raspberry Pi.

Introducing Node-RED

How does the Bean work with Node-RED?

With Node-RED’s help your Bean can connect to the cloud.

Node-RED allows for third party nodes and we have developed four LightBlue Bean nodes. Our package provides an intuitive new way to interface with your Bean.

The Bean nodes:

Bean serial: send or receive serial messages from a connected Bean.

Bean accel: Get accelerometer data from a connected Bean.

Bean LED: Set the LED of a connected Bean to a specified color.

Bean temp: Get the ambient temperature from a connected Bean.

How could I use this?

Home automation, education, creative installations, home monitoring,  sensor networks, robotics… Oh the possibilities! Check out our Node-RED example projects for some inspiration.

Basic Setup:

In a basic setup, you run Node-RED on your computer and accesses it right in the browser. Whenever your computer is running, your Node-RED flow will be active.

Power Setup:

In more advanced scenarios, you could run Node-RED as a dedicated server on a Raspberry Pi. The server can perpetually run, making this setup a fit for home automation and monitoring.

Multiple users can edit the server’s Node-RED flows, and can do this locally or remotely.


For more detail: Introducing Node-RED

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