Electronics retailer SparkFun Electronics has announced the launch of nine new value-added services covering board development, logistics, and training to all its customers. By Rich Pell @

Over the last decade, says the company, it has tested and refined ideas for services by partnering with companies such as Digi-Key, RedHat, Sphero and u-blox, resulting in creative and mutually beneficial outcomes spanning consultation, development, manufacturing, and logistics, which has helped form the foundation for the following new services :

  • Development Board Design and Manufacturing
  • Custom Assembly
  • Sales/Demo Kit Development
  • Custom Kit Development
  • Tape and Reel
  • Custom Procurement
  • Strategic Inventory Management
  • Multi-Address Shipping
  • Workshops and Training

From the start, SparkFun has been dedicated to making electronics more accessible,” says Glenn Samala, SparkFun CEO. “With these service offerings, we are able to leverage our development expertise and logistics capabilities to help our business partners achieve their goals.”

“While most of these services are not new to us and were developed to meet the needs of our partners over the last decade, we are excited to now be able to offer them to a wider audience,” says Samala. “By sharing access to our network, we hope to help streamline our customers’ ability to integrate the tech they have into the product they need.


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