Invisible dog trainer

With a pressure sensor, led and speaker you can turn your Pi into an
invisible dog trainer that trains your dog to get off the couch. When the dog sits on the couch, the led blinks and the dog receives the command “Get off the couch”. When the dog gets off the couch it will hear the command “Good dog”. This application was featured in the Bitreactive blog.

Step 1: Install Reactive Blocks

Install Reactive Blocks form www.bitreactive.comInvisible dog trainer

Step 2: Download the couch monitor from the libraries

In the Eclipse editor on the left side there are two different views: the Blocks view and the Package Explorer view. Make sure you are in the blocks view and select the import button

Select the Couch Monitoring with Raspberry Pi under tutorials.

At this point you will be asked to register. This will give you immediate access to tutorials, modifiable systems and libraries.

Step 3: Understand the system

The system consists of 4 reusable building blocks. The light blue boxes are Java code. If you click on the Java code it will open up in a new window. See if you understand how the system works.

Step 4: Generate executable code

Right click and select build from the context menu. Choose Java SEInvisible dog trainer schematic

Step 5: Export as runnable JAR

After the code generation the package explorer view will open with new new project marked in yellow. It should look something like this (maybe with different project name).

Right click on the exe project / Export and select the CouchMonitor Luanch configuration. Choose a name for the runnable JAR, e.g. CouchMonitor.jar


For more detail: Invisible dog trainer

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