The SENSEable body

Aplications and implications

My final project is a dispositive that codifies and transmits NON CONSCIOUS body information such as: sweat, heart rate and eye blinking.
The project seeks the augmentation of human experience through wearable physiological technology. It wishes to bring something private, namely our thoughts and emotions, and broadcast them to the world, through a screen placed in the chest:

Javier Pérez Contonente aka Japi

Especially as much of our daily communication is moving away from face-to-face contact, we need new ways of expressing and transmitting our emotions to our peers.
The project also relates to the work of  Antonio Damasio  who states that “The emotions come before feelings”: Emotions are based on internal body environment which act as inputs into the brain, just as visual or auditory information is an input to the brain from the external environment.
So the project will try to gather this previous-conscious world to interact with it, in ways yet not developed. Which might go from self-psicoanalisis to performance or visualizations

Teletubbies have this square in the chest, wich could be seen as a window to their unconcious status, like an X-ray image of their feelings… this information could be screened locally in the chest or broadcasted to the internet.

This project have three inputs that gather this unconcious status: Eye blinking, galvanic skin response and heart rate:

Javier Pérez Contonente aka Japi

Eye Blinking:

This board is based in the hello.button hello.button example made in class, but the button is replaced by my eyelash. The idea is to close the circuit when the eyes are closed, with the contact of the copper eyelash.
When the eye is closed a 1 is sent through the serial and while it remains open a 0 is sent.

For more detail:  Javier Pérez Contonente aka Japi 

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