Jeep Inclinometer

MEGR 3171 Project

This project is the first time that I have ever attempted to do any type of coding or electrical project. The point of the project is to get a 3-D image to display on a screen that will show you the real time pitch and roll angles of your vehicle and also warn you when you are close to rolling. I am using an Adafruit 9 degree of freedom sensor along with a Raspberry Pi 3 model B.


Due to my lack of knowledge in the area of coding this project was pretty difficult, but I plan to continue working on it and making minor adjustments as I learn more.

Setting up the Raspberry Pi

The first step was setting up the Pi and updating and installing all of the needed software. I found a website that had a version of what I was trying to accomplish with this project so I started from their code which was posted for use on

From here I hooked up the the sensor to the Pi. The schematic is shown below:

jeep-inclinometerAfter hours of confusion and messing around with code I was able to get the 3-D image to display on the screen and actively move along with the sensor. Which is shown in the video below.

Vision of the future

The rectangular box will hopefully be changed to a 3-D image of a Jeep soon, to give the display a better visual affect to the user. Other add-ons that are coming in the future are number readings from the data and a temperature reading.

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