Keg Punk Raspberry Pi beer keg level monioring system

Beer drinkers using kegs to keep their favourite brew, may be interested in a new Raspberry Pi application called Keg Punk which runs on a Raspberry Pi 4 and uses the official Raspberry Pi Touch Display to provide an easy way to monitor your beer stock levels from different sides kegs all from one screen. Check out the demonstration video below to learn more about Keg Punk and its capabilities.

Keg Punk is a draft beer inventory system developed and tested by homebrewers with bad memories. “We couldn’t remember what we had in our kegerator, much less what was on each tap or what we had gone through in the past. So we created Keg Punk to help brewers like us keep track of our cellar and taps. Use it at your bar, brewery, or the home-brew setup in your grandmothers’ garage. We won’t judge.”

“Keg Punk is a simple inventory system on a homebrew scale. We wrote this program with the same “No F**** Given” attitude you’d find in a homebrewer’s garage, a Punk show, or a craft brewery. Keep track of what’s on each tap, what you have in the cellar, and what you’ve gone through.”

Source: Keg Punk Raspberry Pi beer keg level monioring system

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