LCSC Electronics is a Shenzhen-based electronic component distributor, and one of the largest electronic component distributors in China. Founded in 2011, and starting as a small business, LCSC has grown to over 900,000 customers and over 310 employees, with around $150 million in sales. LCSC boasts of over 200,000 different products being distributed, ranging from semiconductors to transistors to providing design-chain services with EasyEDA, which is a powerful online PCB design tool incorporated with lots of components. LCSC has been awarded ELEXCON Outstanding E-commerce Platform Top 3 in 2018, ASPENCORE Outstanding E-commerce Platform 2018 , Hc360 Outstanding E-commerce Distributor Award 2017, and Aspencore Outstanding E-commerce Platform 2017. LCSC has also been certified by ISO 9001:2015. LCSC is Planning on expanding their operations by building a new warehouse of 60,000 square meters, fully equipped with pick-and-ship systems, expected by the end of 2019. Presently, LCSC already has a 350,000 square meter LCSC Electronics Technology Industry, consisting of funding from Galaxy Supply Chain.

Their website is clean, clear, and easy to navigate. The search result is accurate, and returns the exact components you are looking for in the results page. The search results are narrowed down using the built in filters and this help you to choose quickly the parts you need. the website has a video link that shows you all about LCSC, and a section shows you how to pick up parts at LCSC warehouse.

With 114 authorized brands, 176 international brands and 571 Made In Asia brands that LCSC stocks components from many vendors and shipping internationally or locally is easy for them. They offer a global shipping service through a series of mail carriers, like DHL, FedEx, EMS, Singapore Post and others, all varying in delivery time and price, depending on your needs. There are three payment options, which includes Paypal,Credit Card (VISA, Master or American Express) or Wire Transfer (valid for an order value of over $500). While trying out the payment process, I can say payment with LCSC is a fast, effortless process as they guide you on what to do next along the way. LCSC’s payment page is very instinctive to use for all payment methods. Also, payment through LCSC is safe, because all payments are SSL encrypted. Payments must be made in US dollars. LCSC only accept USD through those three methods. LCSC supplies electronic components from a massive variety of popular brands like Texas InstrumentsUni-Trend Technologies (often known as Uni-T) and Samsung Electro-Mechanics, which are all well-known manufacturers among electronic hobbyists.


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