Lightfair: Temp-tuneable LED light engine dims to 0.5%

At LightFair, LED Engin will demonstrate a 2200 lm light engine that has halogen-style dimming from 1,600K to 3,000K as well as colour temperature (CCT) tuning between 2,100K and 4,300K.

Called LuxiTune Generation 3.0 and aimed at replacing 120W halogen lamps, “both tuning curves track the black body curve closely and light intensity [flux] is adjustable from 100% to less than 0.5%”, said LED Engin.Temp-tuneable LED light engine dims to 0.5

Including the supplied secondary optic, luminous efficacy is 63 lm/W at steady-state temperature, and colour rendering index (CRI) is 90 at full intensity, and an average of 85 as the LED is dimmed.

The light engine is DALI, DMX, and analogue 0-10V compatible. DMX control can be used to switch between ‘CCT tune’ and ‘halogen dim’ modes.

With analogue 0-10V, there are no perceptible flickering effects in the 100Hz to 200Hz range, said LED Engin, and the choice of die and multi-channel engine results in more vibrant colours, without some of the hue changes, than simpler two-colour systems.

Colour quality and consistency is said to be within three standard deviation colour matching (SDCM) throughout the dimming range. Feedback stabilises flux and colour over the life of the product and over temperature.

According to the firm, there is a self-learning mode which is said to eliminate known issues in installations with multiple lamps on one dimmer due to varying voltage drops on long and short cables.

84mm diameter secondary optics are available in 24°, 34° and 45° beam angles.


For more detail: Lightfair: Temp-tuneable LED light engine dims to 0.5%

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