Liquid cooled Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts wishing to over clock there Raspberry Pi 4 mini PC may be interested in a new liquid cooled Raspberry Pi system created by YouTuber Michael Klements. Allowing the mini PC to be overclocked at 2.0 GHz at a temperature of just 36°C. Klements explains a little more about the project.

“I wanted to see if I could use a PC water cooling kit to water cool a Raspberry Pi 4. I’ve seen a couple of people try this on older model Pi’s using reducers and adapters to get to a small cooling block onto the CPU, but I’m going to try and make an adapter to fit a larger, 30x30mm cooling block onto a Pi 4. I’ll also try to overclock the Pi to 2.0GHz and see how well the water cooling system does to keep it cool. Just to be clear; this is totally unnecessary and is more of a let’s do it because we can, not because we should type of project.”

Source: Liquid cooled Raspberry Pi 4

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