LTM2889 – Isolated CAN FD µModule Transceiver and Power


  • Isolated 4Mbps CAN FD Transceiver
  • 2500VRMS for 1 Minute Per UL1577
  • Isolated DC Power: 5V (Adjustable to 3.3V)
  • Up to 150mA Available Isolated Power Output
  • 3.3V or 5V Input Supply Voltage Options
  • UL-CSA Recognized File #E151738
  • No External Components Required
  • High Bus Fault Voltage Tolerance: ±60V
  • Low Power OFF Mode: <1µA Typical
  • High Common Mode Transient Immunity: 30kV/µs
  • Variable Slew Rate Driver with Active Symmetry Control and SPLIT Pin for Low EME
  • Fully ISO 11898-2 and CAN FD Compliant
  • Ideal Passive Behavior to CAN Bus with Supply Off
  • Transmit Data (TXD) Dominant Timeout Function
  • High ESD: ±25kV CANH, CANL to GND2 and VCC2; ±10kV Across Isolation Barrier
  • Ambient Operation from –40°C to 125°C
  • Low Profile 15mm × 11.25mm BGA Package

LTM2889 - Isolated CAN FD µModule Transceiver and Power


The LTM2889 is a complete galvanically-isolated Controller Area Network (CAN) μModule® (micromodule) transceiver. No external components are required – a single supply powers both sides of the interface through an integrated, isolated DC/DC converter. Separate versions are available for 3.3V and 5V power supplies. The dual voltage CAN transceiver and the adjustable regulator allow 3.3V or 5V isolated power with either the 3.3V or 5V version.

Coupled inductors and an isolation power transformer provide 2500VRMS of isolation between the line transceiver and the logic interface. This device is ideal for systems where the ground loop is broken, allowing for large common mode voltage ranges. Communication remains uninterrupted for common mode transients greater than 30kV/μs.

Supports up to 4Mbps CAN with Flexible Data Rate (CAN FD). A logic supply pin allows easy interfacing with different logic levels from 1.62V to 5.5V, independent of the main supply.

Enhanced ESD protection allows this part to withstand up to ±25kV Human Body Model (HBM) on the transceiver interface pins and ±10kV HBM across the isolation barrier without latchup or damage.

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