MagPi Raspberry Pi Buyers Guide 2023

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts might be interested to know that the latest official MagPi magazine issue 124 is now available to purchase. Providing the ultimate Raspberry Pi buyers guide offering advice from everything from sourcing Raspberry Pi computers to projects you can create using them. The latest magazine edition features ten amazing holiday projects that you can create from Santa detectors to virtual fireplaces.

“Turn a spare room in your home into a personal maker space. A personal den of making can be a wonderful place to bring your creations into existence. Discover a wealth of information about electronic tools, workstations, 3D printers, and essential accessories. We love a classic hack in The MagPi and this CRT + VCR ticks all our nostalgic boxes. It takes a classic television and video combo box and uses Raspberry Pi to give it super smarts. Now it’s capable of playing classic TV shows, old movies and retro games.”

Raspberry Pi Guide 2023

“Discover the ultimate Raspberry Pi buyer’s guide in the latest edition of The MagPi magazine. From sourcing Raspberry Pi computers and Pico microcontrollers to official accessories and third-party kits and projects. Treat yourself to the best a Raspberry Pi fan can get this holiday season!”

“Treat yourself this holiday season with our guide to sourcing the latest Raspberry Pi hardware, official accessories and third-party kits and projects. We’ve got gifts for every budget, so whether you’re just looking to get started or dreaming of a big build for the new year; we’ve got you covered.”

Source: MagPi Raspberry Pi Buyers Guide 2023

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