MATRIX Creator with Android Things

IMPORTANT: Please, note that these samples are not necessarily the easiest way because the Android Things source code and documentation have not been published or completed and have some platform issues.


The next documentation is an alpha version.


  • All sensors
  • Everloop control
  • Mic Array (in a branch, only data)
  • Zigbee driver **
  • Z-Wave driver **
  • LIRC custom control config **
  • MATRIX vision framework **

** in progress


  • RaspberryPi 3
  • Android Studio 2.2+

Firmware installation

For now you can test Matrix Creator with Android Things, for this we need FPGA burner running from root privileges, for it please follow next steps:

On your PC:

1. Flashing RPi3 Google Things image and connect with it via ADB. More info here.

2. Obtain root privileges: adb root (takes some seconds)

3. Mount partitions on write mode: adb remount

4. Clone repository and submodules:

git clone --recursive 

5. Copy firmware, burner, flashing script, and sensors test:

cd matrix-creator-android-things/firmware
adb push matrix_system.bit /system/bin/
adb push matrix-xc3sprog /system/bin/
adb push /system/bin/
adb push matrix-sensors-status /system/bin/

6. Programing FPGA (~1 minute for flashing):

adb shell 

You get output like this:

disable Matrix Creator microcontroller..done
reconfigurate FPGA and Micro..
DNA is 0x79ec27f5572e2dfd

7. Testing FPGA status:

adb shell matrix-sensors-status 

You get output like this:

IMUY:-1.1e+02° IMUR:0.26°     IMUP:1.2°
HUMI:35%       HTMP:35°C      UVID:0.0032
PRSS:74960     PrAL:2470.7    PrTP:32.562
MCU :0x10      VER :0x161026


  • If you get sensors on 0, please repeat step 6.
  • If you shutdown your Raspberry Pi, please repeat steps: 2 and 6 (root and reprograming FPGA).

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