Metal case turns Raspberry Pi B+ into a security camera

Elson Designs has experience of designing cases for the Raspberry Pi and it has now turned its attention to the new Raspberry Pi B+, designing a case for a security camera.

Metal case turns Raspberry Pi B+ into a security camera

Subject of a Kickstarter project, the PiCE+ metal case has  a number of configurations; Outdoor which will use a Gaiter to protect the Ethernet, Power and USBs.

It will also come in Indoor and Desktop versions.

Manufactured in the UK, the metal cases are designed to be corrosion resistant, and one version is water resistant.

Specification details:

  • There is a ¼” UNC thread on it for a tripod or wall mount which makes it great for camera projects, bird watching, security, etc.
  • It is specifically designed for the new Pi model B+ and camera.
  • The case has removable side panels to hide and access the Pi’s Ports so it can be used for hacking and programming with the panels removed or outside with the panels on (with gaiter).
  • The case has passive cooling using the case to dissipate heat to the environment so the Pi can be kept cool.
  • Includes expansion via internal daughter board to maximise the Pi’s hack-ability, this can take advantage of the new 40 Pin GPIO.
  • Integral SD card for security.
  • The case will come in 5 colours making it perfect for Schools and Universities.

The company is also donating 5% of the funding to the Raspberry Pi Foundation.


For more detail : Metal case turns Raspberry Pi B+ into a security camera 

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