Mini SNES Pi Zero Nano pocket games console

Using a Raspberry Pi Zero mini PC together with a few 3D printed casing components earlier this year Thingiverse member “Nochii” revealed his Mini SNES Pi Zero Nano pocket gaming console. Equipped with a 800 mAh battery and using a 1.54 inch LCD HAT for a display, mini speaker, amplifier and charging module most of which was obtained from Aliexpress the components have been combined to create fantastically small pocket console.

Building the system is fairly straightforward and can be accomplished by simply following the construction photographs kindly uploaded to the Thingiverse website by Nochii. The small display HAT which provides the main components for the build is priced at just under $8 and features a display offering a 240 x 240 resolution complete with small joystick and buttons.

1.54 “LCD Mini display touch screen for Raspberry pi 2B/3B+/Zero W :

– Physical resolution: 240×240
– (System settings default 480×480, larger display area)
– Touch with Touch (Game without Touch. Retropie does not support Touch)
– Provide Raspbian and Retropie system mirroring and driver
– No Charging Function
– Supporting raspberry pi 2B/3B+/Zero W

Jump over to the Thingiverse for more details and a complete component list together with pictorial instructions on how to build your very own.

Source: Mini SNES Pi Zero Nano pocket games console

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