Mini Stereo Audio Amplifier

This project is a Mini Stereo Audio Amplifier based on TDA2822 IC.


The dual low power amplifier built around TDA2822 8pin DIP. IC, it is mainly designed to use in portable players, radios and other building block project. A 3V supply can be used to drive headphones providing 20mW in 32 Ohms per channel, and a 12V power supply will provide 1W in 8 Ohm per channel for small loudspeakers.

 Mini Stereo Audio Amplifier


Supply 9V DC (supply Range 3V to 12V)
Load 8 Ohm Speaker
Gain 39dB
Input Impedance 100K Ohm
THD 10%
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20Khz

 Mini Stereo Audio Amplifier


For more detail:  Mini Stereo Audio Amplifier

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