Modular automation controller builds on UP Squared SBC

Techbase is shipping a Linux-friendly industrial automation controller called the ModBerry M2000 based on the UP Squared SBC, featuring GbE, SATA, and M.2.

Modular automation controller

Polish development firm Techbase offers a growing family of industrial control computers based on popular SBCs such as the Raspberry Pi 3B+ based ModBerry M500 and UP board based ModBerry M1000. Now, it has added an M2000 model built on Aaeon’s UP SquaredSBC. While the M1000’s UP board uses a 1.44GHz Intel Cherry Trail Atom processor, the M2000’s UP Squared advances to an Intel Apollo Lake chip.

The ModBerry M2000 offers a choice of a dual-core, up to 2.4GHz Celeron N3350 or a quad-core, up to 2.5GHz Pentium N4200. Linux, Android, and Windows are available.

ModBerry M2000 (left) and UP Squared

The ModBerry M2000 provides twice the maximum RAM and eMMC storage as the M1000, with a choice of 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB RAM and 16GB to 128GB eMMC. Unlike the M1000, you get SATA 3.0 and M.2 slots for additional storage, as well as dual standard GbE ports.

Other features on this highly modular system are almost identical to the M1000, including up to 26x DIO, 24x analog inputs, 36x analog outputs, and 12x relay outputs. The system is further equipped with HDMI and USB 3.0 ports, a 1-wire interface, and up to 12x serial ports. Options include a 1-inch OLED display, a Supercap UPS, battery support, a CAN port, an IP67 enclosure, and a wide temperature range.

M2000 feature comparison with other ModBerry systems (left) and wireless, ExCard, and mBus add-on options

As with other ModBerry systems, you can add up to three wireless modules and/or ExCard and mBus I/O modules via side-mounted add-on compartments (see charts above). Wireless features include different types of WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, WMBus, and LoRa. You can also choose from among 2G, 3G, LTE Cat 3, and NB-IoT cellular options, each accompanied by optional or standard GPS. ExCards include additional serial, Ethernet, analog, digital, and relay I/O, among other options.

Like its siblings, the ModBerry M2000 ships with iMod software to support protocols such as MQTT, MODBUS, SNMP, and MBus. iMod offers an easier alternative to the underlying PLC software, which is still accessible. Optional software includes PLC Codesys, a notification controller, and an application for C-L-V (Convert-Log-Visualize) usage.

Further information

The ModBerry M2000 is available now. Off-the-shelf pricing is not listed, since the ModBerry systems are modularly customizable and “the sales department prices every configuration separately” based on the customer’s specific requirements. More information may be found in Techbase’s ModBerry M2000 announcement, as well as its ModBerry M-series product/configuration page and ModBerry home page.



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