Motion Detection | OpenCV | Raspberry pi | Telegram

It's a simple surveillance system with motion detection and sends you the live image when motion detected using Telegram

Surveillance system is an important thing when it comes to protect our properties form the Intruders?. Here is an simple project which can able to protect your belongings form the intruder. Let get started.?

First of, we need a camera and the DVR setup. But thankfully Raspberry Pi in combination with the OpenCV does the job for us. I used the motion detection technique provided by Mr. Adrian Rosebrock from to fulfill my requirement. 

To get the notification when the Intruder is detected. We should push the data to cloud and retrieve it form the location uploaded. It's a long process and took time to build an universal application. So I used a commonly used messaging application called telegram and it's an cross platform application.

Voila! The wait is done. Once I run the program, It capture the motion and send the real time image to mobile phone

Telegram Message

Hope this concept will embed into the existing DVR's. Bye for now.


Source: Motion Detection | OpenCV | Raspberry pi | Telegram

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