MYIR, the Shenzhen based electronics manufacturers recently announced the launch of a new product called the MYC-YA157C, which is a CPU Module based on the STM32MP1 dual-core microprocessor that features the Arm Cortex-A7 running at 650MHz alongside a Cortex-M4 core operating at 209MHz.

Measuring 45mm x 43mm, the MYC-YA157C CPU Module is a compact System-on-Module (SoM) that combines the STM32MP157 processor (STM32MP157AAC3 by default) which adds hardware encryption and secure boot(useful for Industrial applications), with an STPMIC1 dedicated Power-Management IC, a 512MB DDR3 RAM, 4GB eMMC, as well as an integrated GigE PHY chip. Through a 1.0 mm pitch 164-pin stamp-hole (Castellated-Hole) expansion interface, the module breaks out a number of board peripherals and IO pins which makes it suitable for use as an embedded controller in system integration applications.

To make development with the new CPU Module easy, MYIR offers MYD-YA157C development board for evaluating the MYC-YA157C CPU Module. The MYD_YA157C Development board is baseboard which allows developers explore the rich set of peripherals and interfaces such as RS232, RS485, USB Type-C DRP, USB2.0 HOST, Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi/Bluetooth, CAN, Micro SD Card Slot, JTAG, RGB888 based LCD/ HDMI, MIPI-DSI, etc., on the MYC-YA157C. The Development board is delivered with necessary accessories, detailed documentation, ensuring users can build prototypes within minutes of receiving the board, making it an ideal board for evaluation and prototyping based on ST’s STM32MP1 microprocessor.

Created with a wide range of applications like industrial control, consumer electronics, smart home, and medical equipments in mind, the SOM comes Linux Ready as it is based on Linux 4.19.9 kernel and comes with abundant software resources for; Yocto 2.6 based MYIR MEasy-HMI system, Yocto 2.6 based ST Weston system, MYIR MEasy-IOT system, and Ubuntu 18.04 system.  It is compatible with STM32CubeProgrammer and STM32CubeMX tools to enable users to start their development rapidly and easily.


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