Node Mini Server – A Server For The Quest of A Decentralized Internet

The quest for a decentralised web is something that is gaining more ground in the lights of data theft, privacy concerns, and others. The internet as we all know is now becoming monopolised as the big corporations are leveraging business, startups, users, developers and others to use their centralised platforms while killing out other competitors.

Node Mini Server – A Server For The Quest of A Decentralized Internet

Tim Berners-Lee who created the worldwide web initially design it to be a decentralised platform where anyone can publish a website and easily push contents and links to other sites. But with the eruption of the big companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and others the decentralised web has become a centralised one.

So the question is this – Is a life less dependent on cloud giants possible?

Launching a decentralised internet involves preparing down the infrastructure that will power it.

This infrastructure will have to be in a way the corporations won’t control users data and not be centralised in one location. One way people can do about it is to dedicate there personal devices like a computer as a server among many others. Of course, this method might work, but it will be expensive to manage, and this is where the likes of Node Mini Server come into play.

The Node Mini Server is meant to be a computer based around the popular Raspberry Pi 3 single board computer designed to act as the hardware infrastructure for the decentralised web.

Ever since the first Raspberry Pi was launched, the advent and performance of single board computers have heavily improved. They reached to a point where they are small enough, about the size of a credit card, very cheap as compared to similar computers, and still carry a substantial power and are very flexible regarding add-ons. Taking these into consideration might make SBCs the ideal infrastructure for the decentralised age.

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