NXP Semiconductors i.MX RT106A Crossover Processor is a solution specific variant of the i.MX RT1060 family of MCUs, targeting cloud-based embedded voice applications. It features NXP’s advanced implementation of the Arm® Cortex®-M7 core, which operates at speeds up to 600MHz to provide high CPU performance and best real-time response. i.MX RT106A based solutions enable system designers to easily add voice control capabilities to a wide variety of smart appliances, smart home, smart retail, and smart industry devices.

The i.MX RT106A is licensed to run NXP turnkey voice-assistant software solutions, which may include:

  • Far-field audio front-end softDSP
    • Acoustic echo cancellation
    • Ambient noise reduction
    • Beamforming
    • Barge-in
    • Playback processing
    • Codecs
  • Wake-word inference engine
  • Media player / streamer
  • MQTT, lwIP, TLS
  • Discovery and onboarding
  • All drivers, including Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth™

The i.MX RT106A is offered in a 196-ball Molded Array Process Ball Grid Array (MAPBGA) package, with a 0°C to +95°C consumer-grade temperature range.


  • High-performing Arm Cortex-M7
  • 3020 CoreMark/1284 DMIPS @ 600MHz
  • 1MB On-Chip SRAM – up to 512KB configurable as Tightly Coupled Memory (TCM)
  • Real-time, low-latency response as low as 20ns
  • Low dynamic power with an integrated DC-DC converter
  • Low-power run modes at 24MHz
  • Advanced multimedia for GUI and enhanced HMI
    • 2D graphics acceleration engine
    • Parallel camera sensor interface
    • LCD display controller (up to WXGA 1366×768)
    • 3x I2S for high-performance, multi-channel audio
  • Extensive external memory interface options
    • NAND, eMMC, QuadSPI NOR Flash, and Parallel NOR Flash
  • Wireless connectivity
    • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, ZigBee, and Thread
  • Supported by MCUXpresso SDK, IDE and Config Tools
  • Package
    • Type: MAPBGA-196
    • Dimensions: 10mm x 10mm, 0.65mm pitch


  • Consumer electronics
    • Home appliances system control
    • In-home display
    • Room air-conditioning system
    • Smart-connected appliances
  • Secure transaction and retail payments
    • Bluetooth beacons
    • Electronic shelf labels
    • Post terminals
  • Home and building control
    • Alarm and access panels
    • Garage door openers
    • Gateways
    • Smart lighting
    • Smart plugs / outlets
  • Industrial
    • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)


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