obniz – API managed IO on the Cloud

obniz has 12 IO and WiFi module. It can be controlled through the APIs on obniz cloud, either through the REST or WebSocket API.

obniz – API managed IO on the Cloud

Embed/Run a program within Html

obniz API can be used in javascript. So, obniz programs written in JavaScript can run on a webpage, so “Turning on a motor by pressing a button on the Web” is an easy task!

With obniz, it's easy to make any hardware project you can think of! Just connect motors or sensors to an obniz then program it via the Internet. No App or firmware flashing is required. Program it from your PC or smartphone now!

You only need one HTML to integrate obniz and Webpage.

Not just HTML. Use obniz via the web API

We recommend using JavaScript because we provide an easy-to-use library, obniz.js, for calling the API.

But you can use the REST or Websocket API to use your obniz as well.

Only 30 seconds to start Program/Run

No SDK installation is required. We provide a sample HTML page for you. Just scan the QR code on your obniz to get started programming. It will bring you to the programming page where you can begin. After connecting to Wifi, it takes just 30 seconds to open the programming page and start running code.

You are free to write your own HTML pages. Additionally, you can publish these pages and easily your program with friends! To run in another browser, just open the HTML in which. obniz.js runs in various modern browsers.

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