Official Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit unboxed

If you are hoping to receive a Raspberry Pi 4 this holiday season you might be interested in the Official Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit and what comes inside. Check out the video below to learn more about the latest Raspberry Pi 4 mini PC case which transforms the single board computer into a desktop PC allowing you to learn more about programming and the Linux operating system, Raspbian.

The Official Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit includes everything you need including the official Raspberry Pi keyboard, Raspberry Pi mouse and Raspberry Pi case complete with Raspberry Pi logo. The Raspberry Pi blog explains more about the design of the official Raspberry Pi case.

“If you have one of our official cases, keyboards or mice, or if you’ve visited the Raspberry Pi Store in Cambridge, UK, then you know the work of Kinneir Dufort. Their design has become a part of our brand that’s recognised the world over. Here’s an account from the Kinneir Dufort Chief Design Officer, Craig Wightman, of their team’s work with us.

Over the last six years, our team at Kinneir Dufort have been privileged to support Raspberry Pi in the design and development of many of their products and accessories. 2019 has been another landmark year in the incredible Raspberry Pi story, with the opening of the Raspberry Pi store in February, the launch of the official keyboard and mouse in April, followed by the launch of Raspberry Pi 4 in June.”

The perfect accompaniment to the Official Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit is the recently updated Official Beginners Guide which has now includes the Raspberry Pi 4 and contains all the information needed to get up and running with your new computer and provides several projects to introduce you to the world of coding.

Source: Official Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit unboxed

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