Open Smart Hub : Home Automation

One hub to rule them all!

Home automation is a growing space and every device has it’s own way to interact with it. This allows you combine them, make new ones and let your home handle itself based on your preferences smart hub home automation

Imagine this you’re sitting at home on your sofa and it gets way too warm due to the afternoon sun shining through your window. No need to get up, because your window begins to open by itself in order to cool it down. An hour later it starts to drizzle (a summer storm) but luckily your home hub knew that would happen and it closed your windows for you!

Cost to Produce:

$50-60 Total Base Cost (Compare that to $300 hubs like Revolv without the ability to create your own devices and add more features!)

(Optional) Devices, Maker Projects, Monitor, Keyboard/Mouse, etc.

How does it work?

There are three components. The online-hub, local-hub, and devices.

  • The local hub connects to this online hub and runs on a local machine with Node.js. It will communicate to your devices through the internet or local network.
  • The devices are your smart home devices. They can be anything from a NEST thermostat, WeMo switches, SmartThings devices, or even your own self-made projects.

diagram open smart hub home automation

Currently Supported Devices:

  • Particle maker projects (Button, Motion, RGB Strip)
  • WeMo Switches
  • WeatherUnderground APIs for local, astronomical, and weather forecasts
  • Clock for time related triggers and data

In Verification Stage (can be seen in develop branch)

  • Z-Wave Devices
  • Yamaha Receivers

In Development

For more detail: Open Smart Hub : Home Automation

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