Open Source, Connected Robot Arm


It’s an Open Source and printable manipulator with five degrees of freedom. Which was designed and created by MMH_Team. The main purpose of this project was to create a robotic arm that could be made by makers around the world or in schools to teach robotics instead of using simulation software. In its upright position, hRobot is about 700mm long and it can lift objects up to 500 grams. While development we had many ideas in our minds like:open source connected robot arm

  • 1. the final prototype had to be Open Source
  • 2. possible to made mostly by 3D printer
  • 3. enough powerful to manipulate 500 grams objects
  • 4. and powered by ROS

We hope that you will enjoy our work 🙂

The controller used in hRobot is a Husarion CORE2-ROS. The arm uses DC motors, servomotors and quadrature encoders. In files you can find all parts in STL format ready to print.

We are still developing a software but it can take some time, to make this fully functional. We published code on, and we hope people around the world will join our project!

Robot uses joint's interpolation while moving from one place to another. Implementation of this part of code was quite difficult and really time-consuming. Interpolation allows hRobot to move more smoothly. It’s not ideal right now, so we will make a second version based on cartesian interpolation using source connected robot arm

On you can find the latest version of working software. It will be improved in the following weeks, but even now it’s stable.

For more detail: Open Source, Connected Robot Arm

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