Open Source Rehabilitation Aid for Patients after Surgery

Problem That we Want to Solve

After surgeries, many people feel weak and bloated. In order to fix this, they have to do exercises, however, many people don't realize this, or feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of things on the internet. We decided to fix this by making a simple video trainer that can also easily communicate with a person's doctor to provide status updates.

Project Writeup

The theme for the FCHacks 2020 Virtual event was “How can we increase the quality of healthcare using technology?”, and we resolved to address the predicament of rehabilitation of patients who struggle with the performance of daily tasks and undergo pain and other difficulties after surgery. Our subject pertains to the theme in that it enhances the quality of healthcare and recuperative care granted to patients after surgery and other procedures. Our solution proposes that patients input simple requested information into our provided program, which would allow the users to contact their doctors and do important exercises. This allows the doctor to supervise the patient’s care and return any necessary feedback, additional recommendations, etc. This is innovative, for it eases patients’ challenges, providing for a smoother rehabilitation and superior mood. It differs from existing solutions in that it streamlines doctor-patient relationships in a manner unseen before (no open-source programs or similar applications/projects exist to our knowledge).



Future Improvements

This project was made in a 24-hour timeframe, so some of the features that we would like to incorporate features such as motion detection with a Wii remote to aid in the feedback process from the computer about whether the patient was doing the right thing.


Huge thanks to Oscar Portillo, my teammate!

Huge thanks to the amazing people at FCHacks for organizing this awesome competition.

import GleanUserData

import yagmail

import easygui

#This is commented out, as we are not currently using it with people other than us.
#The test email is [email protected]
#FROM = easygui.enterbox('enter your email:')

def EmailDoc(Exercise):
    #Prompt the user to type in how they are feeling.
    Feeling = easygui.enterbox("How are you feeling?")

    #Prompt the user to type in anything they would like the doctor to know
    NotesForDoc = easygui.enterbox("Is there anything you would like the doctor to know?")

    #Login to Gmail
    yagmail.register("[email protected]", "PythonRules1")

    #Log into the generic email that we have for this project
    yag = yagmail.SMTP("[email protected]")

    #This is a generic email we made for the Hackathon.
    To = "[email protected]"

    Subject = "Patient " + (GleanUserData.Name).rstrip("\n") + "'s status after " + GleanUserData.Surgery

    Message = [
        GleanUserData.Name + " has done " + str(Exercise) + " excercise sessions since the operation.",
        "He/She is feeling " + Feeling + ".",
        "He/She would like you to know: " + NotesForDoc

    #Actually send the email 😀
    yag.send(To, Subject, Message)

Source: Open Source Rehabilitation Aid for Patients after Surgery

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