The OSD32MP1-BRK is a small flexible prototyping platform for the STM32MP1 based SiP, the OSD32MP15x.  At only 3in X 1.8in (75mm X 46mm), it provides easy access to the I/O of the STM32MP1 through a set of breadboard compatible headers.  The OSD32MP1-BRK allows developers to quickly build a proof of concept that more closely resembles their actual system without the need to build their own custom hardware.

The OSD32MP1-BRK features the OSD32MP15x System in Package, a microSD slot, 32KHz crystal, a microUSB client port, and two 2×30 100 mill headers.  The headers give access to 106 I/O on the STM32MP1 integrated into the OSD32MP15x SiP.  It is uses a 4 Layer PCB with low cost design rules and has no back side components.

Its minimal overhead and access to a wide range of I/O make the OSD32MP1-BRK the perfect platform for any designer looking for complete flexibility as they prototype their design.

The OSD32MP1-BRK is designed and manufactured by Allied Component Works, LLC, a member of the Octavo Systems partner network.

OSD32MP1-BRK Features

  • Small Form Factor
    • Only 3in X 1.8in (75mm X 46mm)
  • Access to 106 I/O
    • two 2×30 100mil (2.54mm) Headers
    • Maximum flexibility to prototype designs
    • Breadboard Compatible
  •  OSD32MP157C-512M-BAA
    • STM32MP157C Dual Arm® Cortex® A7 + M4
    • 512MB DDR3 Memory
    • STPMIC1A Power Management
    • EEPROM
    • Oscillator
    • Passives
  • µUSB
  • STLink
  • UART
  • µSD Card
  • 32KHz Crystal
  • 4 Layer Design
  • No Back Side Components


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