Overclock your Raspberry Pi 4 to 2.147GHz

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts looking for a way to squeeze extra power from their Raspberry Pi 4 mini PC may be interested in a new article published to the Seeed Studio blog this week taking you through the process of safely overclocking your Raspberry Pi 4 to 2.147GHz. As you would expect you will need a Raspberry Pi 4 cooling solution such as the Black Warrior ICE Tower CPU Cooling Fan design for the Raspberry Pi or something similar to help keep down the heat of the processor as you overclock your Raspberry Pi.

One thing to consider before overclocking your Raspberry Pi mini PC is that it could get damaged in the process and you will need to update the Pi to the latest experimental firmware available. Which in itself could include possible bugs although there are always new updates being rolled out by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to improve performance, overclock speeds and squish bugs.

For full instructions on how to overclocked your Raspberry Pi jump over to the Seeed Studio website To learn more about overclocking the ARM Cortex-A72 processor from 1.5GHz to 2.147GHz clock speed.

** Do note that from testing, some Raspberry Pi 4 boards have failed to boot at this speed or slowed down due to overheating/undervoltage. It’s unlikely for you to maintain your Pi 4 board at this max speed in the long run, hence we recommend you to settle for arm_freq=2000 or stop at step 5.**

Source: Overclock your Raspberry Pi 4 to 2.147GHz

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