Overclocking the Raspberry Pi 400 mini PC

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts interested in overclocking their Raspberry Pi 400 desktop computer may be interested in a new article published by Mat via the Raspberry Pi Spy website. The article provides everything you need to overclocking your Pi 400 mini PC and benefit from extra performance at no extra cost. As you may already know the Raspberry Pi 400 has been designed to run without any active cooling and uses a large metal heatsink incorporated into its casing to keep the processor cool. The large heatsink incorporated into the keyboard case allows the Raspberry Pi 400 to run at 1.8 GHz out-of-the-box and enables you to tweak this a little more by overclocking the processor from the command line.

We’ve solved the cooling challenge so users don’t have to give this any thought. Raspberry Pi 400 contains a heat spreader that dissipates the heat across the whole unit, front and back, so that no part of it will feel too hot to touch. In fact, there is enough thermal margin to overclock it, if you’re so inclined. Simon Martin, 3rd Nov 2020, Raspberry Pi Foundation”

To learn more about the Raspberry Pi 400 mini PC check out the excellent 10 minute video created by YouTuber ETA Prime which reveals the inner workings of the mini PC as well as providing an overview of its design and unique heatsink.

For full instructions on how to overclocking or Raspberry Pi 400 mini PC jump over to the Raspberry Pi Spy website by following the link below

Source: Overclocking the Raspberry Pi 400 mini PC

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