PCB Rax – An easy to use circuit board holding system

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How many times have you had to set your soldering iron down because you couldn’t hold the solder and component, while trying to keep the circuit board from moving around?

PCB Rax is an easy to use, versatile circuit board holder for repair, prototyping, and assembly that can hold nearly any shape of circuit board. Sure there are other circuit board holders on the market, but they don’t hold odd shaped boards, and they don’t allow you to easily move them around.

PCB Rax - An easy to use circuit board holding system

Not all circuit boards are rectangular. PCB Rax was designed to hold all kinds of different shaped circuit boards, from circles to christmas trees, and everything in-between. PCB Rax comes standard with 8″ connecting rods that can hold rectangular boards up to 9-1/2″ x 6-1/4″, and odd shaped boards up to 9-1/2″ x 5″. For larger projects the connecting rods can be replaced.

Work where you want to. Unlike heavy vise, you can move it to where you need it. You can flip it on its side to access both sides of the board, and flip it upside down to solder. It is even portable, take it to the project.

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