PCBite 2.0 – Hands-free & steady solution for your measurements

Last year we created the flexible and rock solid PCB holder – the end to wobbly circuit boards on your workbench. TODAY we proudly present the perfection of a measurement tool.  A steady but yet flexible precision probe made for instant measurements or total hands-free operations.

PCBite 2.0 – Hands-free & steady solution for your measurements

Our amazing community enlightened us with ideas that would facilitate their projects even more. There was no good solution for continuous probe measurements so we decided to create one.

The probe has a “lift and drop” function without any annoying adjustment screws to lock the probe into position. The weight of the head makes the compressible needle maintain constant pressure at the probing point so even if the board is bumped the probe tip will stay in position.

PCBite precision probe has a flexible metal arm and a powerful magnet in the base .The measuring tip comes with a thread interface for several mounting options.

The rooted gooseneck arm will keep your hand steady and give you the precision you need.

Where we're at now

We have evaluated the last prototype order from our supplier with good result where we now are fully satisfied with the weight of arm compressing the test needle just perfect and the flexibility of the arm gives it that smooth feeling during operations.
With your help we are now ready to push the button for volume production.

The Creators…

Sensepeek is a start-up company based in Sweden with a vision to revolutionize technology that has not reached its fully potential . We share a vision to keep everything as simple as possible to ensure a good user experience.

Special Thanks to…

All beta testers who helped us.
PaSv (Patrik Svensson) for the awesome music to our campaign video.

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