PDC8544 LCD python bindings for the Raspberry Pi

Documentation and Python library module for interfacing a PCD8544 LCD screen to a Rasbperry Pi. Cheap Nokia 5110 modules can be picked up on ebay with a breakout board for a few pounds.

Further technical details for the LCD screen can be found in the datasheet [PDF].

 PDC8544 LCD python bindings for the Raspberry Pi


Compile and install the wiringPi python bindings from https://github.com/rm-hull/wiringPi. Make sure you install both python-dev and libi2c-dev. This library specifically requires the python binding baked into this software, which have not been pushed back to drogon.

Next, install PIL (Python Imaging Library) as follows:

$ sudo apt-get install zlibc libpng3 libfreetype6 libfreetype6-dev python-pip
$ sudo pip install pillow

Building and installing the software

After having cloned from github:

$ python setup.py clean build
$ sudo python setup.py install

This should install the files in your local dist-files ares (somewhere like /usr/local/lib/python2.7/distfiles/pcd8544).

Next, test at the hardware and software is working:

$ cd examples
$ sudo ./alphabet_text.py

Most of the ASCII character set should be displayed. There are a few other examples of graphics rendering in the same directory.

Wiring schematic

There appears to be different pin-out configurations on PCD8544 modules – beware!

Although the python library (currently) used software-base bit-banging to do the SPI chattering, the pins chosen should be compatible with hardware SPI. The above diagram was modified for my wiring setup from an SVG from http://shiro.be/ – all rights of the original author reserved.

Stripboard Layout

With 4 push-buttons, resistor values 10K.

Buttons (from top to bottom) are wired onto BCM pins as follows:

  • GPIO 14 (TxD)
  • GPIO 17
  • GPIO 25
  • GPIO 22


  • Documentation
  • More examples
  • Introduce small/tiny font handling onto drawable PIL surfaces
  • Implement module for scanning push buttons
  • Hardware SPI rather than software emulation

 PDC8544 LCD python bindings for the Raspberry Pi schematic




Source:  PDC8544 LCD python bindings for the Raspberry Pi

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