Photo Booth Powered by a Raspberry PI

A photo booth powered by a Raspberry PI, great for letting people take pictures of themselves at parties, weddings, etc.

Photo Booth Powered

Story and build

Inspired by an article in MagPi magazine I decided to build my own DIY Raspberry Pi Photo Booth. Instead of building a cabinet myself, I bought a cheap, used bedside table.

cheap, used bedside table

I painted it and cut out holes for the screen, camera and button.

Then I added a marquee with backlight. If you want to add the marquee then you will need 2 acrylic sheets and an LED strip. Create a custom logo with photo editing software, print it, put it between the acrylic sheets in front of the LED strip and secure it with angle profile.

The marquee I used

I tweaked the original Python script so, among other edits, it will scan for a USB drive and save to that instead of the Raspberry SD card. Later I added an extra video light to take better pictures in the dark.

The photo booth up and running

A look at the inside

Link to original article:

The finished project


The finished photo booth

The script shows a flashing intro screen to invite people to push the button. Then it takes 3 pictures after a short delay during which they can see themselves on the screen. Then it shows the 3 pictures and displays a ‘Thank you' screen.

The displayed screens are 800 x 480 pixel image files which are saved in the ‘assets' folder. You can create your own custom images with photo editing software to display whatever text or pictures you like.

The script can be customized by setting variables like the number of pictures taken and the delay times.


Feel free to use the code for your personal use, not for commercial purposes.

You can contact me at [email protected].

Source:  Photo Booth Powered by a Raspberry PI

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