Pianobar- A Raspberry-Pi Radio

Pianobar is a free/open source unofficial Pandora radio client. Pandora Internet Radio (Pandora) is a music streaming service operated by Music Genome Project. A Pandora station is set based on song or artist. The user’s can give feedback for the songs. According to these feedbacks, the Pandora will select the future songs. It offers to buy the songs from online retailers. The Pandora service has two subscription such as free based subscription supported ads and free based subscription without supported ads. There are advertisements in between every couple of songs. It has favorable and unfavorable buttons. The track is played according to this result. The play of track will immediately stop when an unfavorable response occurs. Continuous clicks to next songs will result into a short ban of skip. Pandora  allows to temporarily block the song, move to next station, and buy song from stores etc. Pandora is available on iOS, Android OS.

Pianobar is an open source command line application. It is easy to set up with a proxy. Pianobar helps to listen Pandora from anywhere in the world. It will remove the advertisements from Pandora. It is has a flash-free Pandora Player inside the terminal. Open it and login with username and password. Then select the station you want to listen. Also. it is possible to create new station, view song history, etc. by using simple terminal commandsin Pianobar.

Features of Pianobar

  • Play and manage stations. It can create, add more music, delete etc.
  • It can rate a song and explain the reason for selecting the song.
  • It gives history of songs.
  • Customize keybindings and text output.
  • Proxy supports to listen anywhere in world outside USA/Australia/Newzealand.

Materials Required for Pianobar

pianobar a raspberry pi radio
Materials Required For Pianobar

Procedure to set up a Pianobar Raspberry-Pi Radio


The OS image is downloaded from the website and installed into the SD card. There are different types of OS versions for Raspberry Pi. Raspbian “Wheezy” is one of them. After installing into the SD card, it is plug into the SD card reader of Raspberry Pi. The power of the device must be turned ON. Alll the devices must be plugged in before turn on the power such as keyboard, Wi-Fi adapter etc.

Step 2:-

Raspbian configuration will be displayed for the first boot. The OS image is resized to fill the SD card.  Then the complete space of SD card will be usable. The time zone can be changed. The SSH server must be enabled. It enables to control the pianobar using laptop or mobile devices using SSH. Turn off boot to desktop. Do not restart or update the Raspberry Pi at this time. The configuration setup can do at any time using the following command.

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